Monday, May 17, 2010

Mattel Reveals DC Universe Classics Series 15

After a morning of being shut out by the Mattycollector store for new Masters of the Universe Classics (which I'm officially giving up on), I was happy to see a new lineup of DC Universe Classics announced. This will be released to K Mart stores first, starting in late August, early September. God help em, they are going to need all the promotion they can get with a lineup like this...

Martian Manhunter (with a Martian head variant)
Jemm of Saturn
Golden Pharaoh
Vintage Starman
Sinestro Corps Batman
... and the bonus Collect and Connect Validus!

Casual fans of DC comics (like me who actually read quite a few DC comics) are now going..HUH? This is a line for die hard DC Comics fans, so lets hope they buy the figures up to ensure the next series of figures! Also, last time I snatched a DCUC figure from K Mart, they were 12 to 13 a piece versus the 15 to 16 they are charging at Walmart, so this may be a nice break for toy collectors who want in.


  1. I'm alone in thinking I want Thom over Jack but I guess we get what we get.

  2. You may be one of the few people reading who knows what that means.

  3. Nice to see both Starman figs, I'll probably grab those. But the others, not so much.

  4. I still don't understand the reasoning behind that Batman when they could have easily put him in the right outfit from the comic and had a figure that the people buying the DC Direct Blackest Night figures would have wanted for their collections. Baffles the mind.