Thursday, May 27, 2010

Reclaiming The Blade

Are you one of those people that mentions the sword fight as your favorite moment in films like Princess Bride, Zoro or...dare I say it..Episode 1? ~ducks~ Oh shut the hell up. yes Jar Jar sucks but you can't deny the Darth Maul sword fight is EPIC. Anyway, if you are one of these people, then Reclaiming The Blade will be right up your alley.

Narrated by acclaimed Welsh actor John Rhys-Davies (Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings), Reclaiming the Blade features Viggo Mortensen (History of Violence), Karl Urban (JJ Abram’s Star Trek) and and Star Wars/Pirates of the Caribbean sword-master Bob Anderson. The film explores both European and Asian historic swordplay and offers an in-depth look at the fascinating world of stage combat on the silver screen.

The film also stars Richard Taylor (Halo, X-Men), John Howe (Legendary Illustrator LOTR, Narnia), John Waller (Robin Hood, First Knight) and many more. It was produced with the support of Peter Jackson, Weta Workshop and The Royal Armouries.

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