Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Rza Teases Action Figures and Comics

Back in 2009 there were rumblings about the Sky Farm Studios project with the man from the Wu Tang Clan himself, the RZA. Seen most recently in the movie Repo Men and featured on the soundtrack, you'll never call this a "come back". Sooo...does this mean the crew will fulfill my dream of kung fu enabled Wu-Tang action figures? Maybe! The initial announcement of this project included rumbling of a comic and two figures to kick things off..Rza and Bobby Digital..created by Mark Davis, Mike Davis and Paul Harding, creators of the Blokhedz vinyl figures (pic below). If the new figures have half as much style and some killer articulation (which isn't likely but I can hope), I'll be down along side legions of fans who have been waiting for something like this ever since Wu had their medieval kung fu comic book back in the day.

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