Thursday, May 6, 2010

Muppets Demand Answers from LOST Writers

Not one of the funnier Muppet skits I've seen, but I'm sure Lost fans will be giddy and beats working!

And now..Top 10 Things Muppets Care About on LOST

10. Will there be more scenes with faulty explosives in the last episode? - Crazy Larry
9. What da heck did they do with the polar bear body?? - Fozzy
8. What stops the island from landing in frezno? - Dr. Julius Strangepork
7. How come there are never fish in the water when they jump in? - Lew Zealand
5. Umm..How big fella ain't never lost no weight? - Sweetums
4. Seriously!! What's he putting away like 300 coconuts a day? I don get dat. -Fozzy
3. That Dharma Peanut Butter must be reaaaaal bad for you maaaan. By the way I think that smoke monster thing just needs a hug. Smoke is our friend maaan. - Janice
2. One time I ate 10 coconuts on a dare...the smell in the bathroom after was not like the suntan lotion smell at all. Not. At. All. - Gonzo
1. I could have played Claire. Emilie de Ravin sucks........ WHAT? - Miss Piggy

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