Thursday, May 13, 2010

Reporter Time Travels and Buys Secret Wars Toys

Yes, that is probably what I'd do for reals. When we last left Paul Nomad, he was roaming the vacant halls of Toys R The florescent lights buzzed over his head, just out of reach for him to jump up and make them stop. Suddenly, as he turned down the Babies, Babies, Babies isle (always stocked with the freshest babies), he spots an entire end cap of SECRET WARS DOOM ROLLERS??!! He begins to scream like a little girl and races through the store to find anyone who won't run from him so that they can bear witness to the items, verify he is not hallucinating (which was obvious as he was still wearing pants) and then jump up and down with him for a little while, praising God and Sean Connery for this glorious day.

Sound too good to be true? IT HAPPENED!! Not exactly the way I wrote about with my flowery wordsmanship, but none the less, the transaction was completed and today, on my doorstep, sat a brown box IN WHICH sat a beautiful sealed Marvel Super Heroes Doom Roller circa 1984. I can almost hear "When Doves Cry" playing inside.

And now..the ultimate question. Do I open it??!! To be continued...

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