Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Get Ready For JEMCON!!

We live in the future, where people from all walks of life all across the globe can get online and say something like "I LOVE BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA!!" This puts them in touch the legions of fans who also love Big Trouble who then begin making costumes, writing fan fiction and organizing the all important BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CONVENTION!! These would happen 4 times a year, naturally. In a world where this could happen, it should be no surprise that the rabid fans of Jem and the Holograms would be organized and ready to converge on a predetermined hotel space with Adam Ant makeup applied and day glow hair in place! This is not a fever dream. THIS IS FOR REAL!!

This will be the 6th convention bringing JEM fans together with vendors selling those hard to find pieces, displays of rare prototypes and hours of panels with the creators of the show and the voices that made the good girls great and those Misfits super bitchy. September 24-26th, hit Manchester, New Hampshire and celebrate Jem's 25th anniversary the only way Jem fans know how....with weird hair.

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  1. Someone needs to go to this dressed as the Brave and the Bold version of Aquaman, and just walk around and say "Outrageous!" all day.