Tuesday, August 10, 2010

SDCC 2010: The Madmen of Adult Swim

Cartoons haven't bee just for kids for a looooong time now. Watch any modern piece of animation and you'll find at least half a dozen pop culture references your little brats won't understand at all. Taking things a step further is Adult Swim, ever at the forefront of "adult" animated entertainment. No, this isn't implying that they specialize in tentacle porn. It simply means they've managed to gather a fairly excellent grouping of cartoons viewable between the stalkerific hours of 11pm and 2am..and those toons are for YOU...the perverted..the gore loving..the connoisseurs of poor taste...and especially..the super geeky.

Astoundingly, there will be people reading this article that know nothing about the shows involved so let me give you a little background...

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Some say it is the tale of sentient fast food items banded together as a force for good, righting wrongs across the great state of New Jersey. Others say its the story of a super smart container of fries with lazer eyes, his insanely dumb little ground beef buddy and an obnoxious shake who is always either trying to get rich or get laid. Then, there is that tiny minority that claim the show is a metaphor for the triumph of the strength of New Jersey itself, embodied in Carl...a man who wears sweat pants, flip flops, a wife beater and a gold medallion. Viva America.

Mary Shelly's Frankenhole: The bastard child of Morel Orel; Frankenhole follows Dr. Frankenstein as he entertains many a nefarious character who shows up on his doorstep to satisfy their sick and twisted needs. Characters like....MICHAEL JACKSON!!! It's like paper craft meets Troma films with a Hammer horror backdrop and characters. Its twisted and mean spirited and you'll want to own the T Shirt after only one viewing.

Venture Brothers: The worlds of Marvel Comics and Hana Barbera collide in a horrific crash of hovercraft VS biplane, creating a monster that spits pop culture references laced with acid that will melt your face off. Follow Dr. Thaddeus Venture, not so brilliant son of a man who turned super science on its ear; and his kill crazy body guard Brock (mother fucking) Samson as they fend off scantly clad, lethal ladies, lame pirates, arch villians with emotional problems and the every day hazardous antics of the Venture Boys, Hank and Dean. If that doesn't do it for you, you are probably a commie bastard.

Robot Chicken: Toys come to LIFE!! Then they re-enact versions of the movies and TV shows they are known for with scripts heavy on poo jokes, sexual innuendo and PAIN!! There's a great deal of original humor with your favorite childhood toys as well. Its fast, hysterical and oh..so..so..wrong. It often reminds me of returning home to find my friends have put all my Marvel Legends figures into intricate sexual positions. If you ever watched the original Clash of the Titans and wished the stop motion skeletons where actually the Olsen Twins on a bender, this show is for you.

Metalocalypse: This is the story of the greatest death metal band to ever walk the Earth. Nations rise and fall on the strength of their album sales. Their illegitimate children could repopulate Rhode Island. Their insane talent is only matched by their extreme stupidity...a stupidity backed by nearly limitless wealth making them a mortal threat to the fans who literally DIE FOR DETHKLOK!! ...and then there's Dr. Rockso, the rock and roll clown. He does cocaine. Sold, right?

Vid editing creds to Brian Dreads. Thanks!

SDCC 2010: Adult Swim: The Genius of Madness
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