Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tank Girl On The March

In case you haven't heard...TANK GIRL IS BACK!! ...and she's been back for YEARS now so what's your excuse for not reading other than being a dirty wanker obsessed with overly bulging supers oiling each other up?? Alan C. Martin teams with Rufus Dayglo to bring the sticky, pervy, untra violent world of Tank Girl back to life via Image Comics, Titan Comics and IDW...because just one comic company could not possibly contain the girl with the biggest guns.

If you are looking to get cracking, here's a quick check list...

The Gifting & Visions of Booba from IDW - They are a little trippy, definitely random as all hell and crass as you'd love them to be. Ashley Wood handles the scribbling for this go, with Martin on words.

Skidmarks from Titan - Barney lands in a coma after a disasterous encounter with rail grinding, so the crew enter a Cannon Ball Run-esque race to raise the money to get her the operation she needs. Wackiness ensues, natch. The trade has hit stores, so buy it nowww.

The Royal Escape from IDW - This time is WAR..with a touch of the super natural and the usual overlying, foul mouthed frenzy we have come to love. This one is just finishing up so you should be able to nab the individual books at your own slack-luster pace.

Next up is BAD WIND RISING, another 4 parter from Titan Books, followed by TANK GIRL: CARIOCA, a 6 part series. We don't have much more we can tell you on the new books, but we do have a trailer for Bad Wind!

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