Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More NECA Bioshock On The Way

Yes, NECA have made some fantastic Predators toys, but anyone watching the forums knows the REAL buzz has been on NECA's video game collectibles line up! Bioshock has been getting a steady stream of deep dive suit warriors and the monstrosities they face off against and now, NECA toss in some items that let you LIVE THE TERROR!!! ...well not really live it..but you can put on a mask and freak out your mom. That much, they are good for!

Bioshock Gift Set : Sinclair and Little Sister with Red Dress and life size Bunny Mask - This deluxe set includes a full size resin “Bunny” Splicer mask, over 12” tall, that can be worn or hung as wall d├ęcor. Also included are 2 exclusive new figures of the Sinclair Big Daddy from the Alpha Series and a Little Sister in red dress. The figures are fully poseable and include the following accessories: Grenade Launcher, ADAM Syringe, and Miniature Subject Delta doll. These figures and mask are available only in this set and are a limited edition exclusive.

We are also including some updated pictures of the Replica Splicer Welding Mask. Both masks are due to hit this Fall (and to be more specific..around October/November).

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