Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mondo Celebrates Shark Week with new ZOMBIE Poster!

Just like the super pervy guy on Scrubs always says...something wonderful is happening somewhere. Usually, when I get wind of an awesome new Mondo poster, it is after the thing is sold out and I'm singing "Hello" to the screen as I mourn my loss. Today, we get our shot at greatness...

Check out this insanely awesome poster print from the Alamo Drafthouse's collectible art boutique Mondo. It goes on sale NOW and will likely sell out fast! Follow @MondoNews on Twitter for "on sale" announcements.

Artist - Jeff Proctor.
24"x36" screen print.
Hand numbered. Printed by D&L Screen Printing.
Edition of 190.

The poster is in celebration of the Alamo Drafthouse's own version of "Shark Week" -- consisting of the following incredible programming highlights.

"Floating" Rolling Roadshow (7/30) - "Jaws" on Lake Travis
Well, we're fearlessly returning to the depths with a full-scale white-knuckle no-babies FLOATING JAWS SCREENING where YOU can watch the most terrifying aquatic horror film in history while adrift on an inner tube (supplied by us) in beautiful, deep, dark Lake Travis. We hereby guarantee the most heart-stopping screening on Earth, with a few added surprises to make sure you're awake and alert. Plus, every ticket includes a bowl of shark gazpacho, just like mom used to make.

Documentary (8/2) - "The Shark Is Still Working"
A great documentary about JAWS featuring star-studded interviews and some behind-the-scenes info you’ve only had nightmares about.

Terror Tuesday (8/3) - "Zombie"
Lucio Fulci’s classic undead thriller that features the Ultimate Shark VS. Zombie Death Match. An unofficial sequel to George Romero’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, but with a shark!

Weird Wednesday (8/4) - "Mako - The Jaws of Death"
A special Weird Wednesday presentation of one of the great shark exploitation films. A man is given a necklace with the power to befriend sharks, and he uses it for revenge against the shark’s greatest enemies, fat men.

Master Pancake Theater (8/4) - "Deep Blue Sea"
LL Cool J don’t stand a chance against our hilarious film-mockers. Oh, you’ve got sharks that can cure Alzheimer’s, oh ok…

Quote-A-Long (8/5) - "Cabin Boy"
The greatest quote-along of all time, featuring Chris Elliott saying “These pipes are clean!”

Hecklevision (8/8) - "Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus"
A battle for the ages in the horrible, horrible movie. Text your taunts or get bit.

NOTE: Ya know what..forget it. It's sold out already. I think by the time they go on sale online, there are only 10 left..and you blink and they are gone. Sorry to frustrate you with super limited items you have to be lying in wait for to pounce on. It's lame.


  1. Sold out that quickly, huh? How much were they?

  2. 50 I think. They literally sold out in the time it took me to press BUY, then enter my info. That's a little ridiculous.