Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SDCC 2010: NECA and Their Niche

There are only so many hours in a day and at San Diego Comic Con, those hours fly by at twice the speed of sound. At Toy Fair, we have all day to shoot action figures...but at SDCC, we get put in rooms with the most awesome people you could imagine working on projects we love, so we've got to plan our attack wisely! Unfortunately, some companies get left behind as result. By the time we got back to NECA on Sunday, they'd already decided to call it quits and the newest prototypes were packed up, leaving behind tiny little footprints in the dust where they once stood. Luckily, we've got some sales shots of these new figures as well as NECA's own Twitterifications live from the show.

Coming to the pegs in the near future...

Predators Action Figures: Series One should be hitting stores right now and Series 2 including the Tracker, Unmasked Berzerker and a Battle Damaged Classic Predator. I'm not sure how the rest will be released, but we also saw a Cloaked Predator and were told the Predadogs would get a separate release. We shall see. Expect Series 2 this October. Then in November, we get a classic Alien VS Predator 2 pack! It's been a long time since anyone put the pair together, so expect them to sell out all over. Translation..pre-order NOW.

Bioshock: Alpha Sinclair wields a trusty Grenade Launcher to scatter the plastic beasties this year as the Splicers look on, wondering if they can make themselves prettier by collecting those spare body parts! Is it clear I know nothing aboit Bioshock? I'm a good faker. At any rate, I don't recall this many Splicers in the lineup before, so get ready to snap up all you can handle. NECA have announced Crawler and Brute joining the fight and debut'd little masks we hadn't seen at the show. Want full sized masks allowing you to terrorize the noisy neighborhood children? FEAR NOT!! NECA rises to the occasion with Lady Smith and Welder Splicer Masks.

Twilight: Ahhhh..Twilight. The itch at the back of your throat that won't go away. Like it or not, these pups must sell TONS of units at Toys R Us, so alongside the standard Edward, Jacob and unsmiling femme fetale action figures, they do their best to introduce a new character with every wave. For Eclipse this October, not only do we get some new sculpts for the crew, but a new character in Rosalie. At this rate, we'll get Jasper in December of 2012.

Harry Potter continues with the Deathly Hallows lineup featuring 3 new figures. Included are Snatcher Chase Harry Potter (which sounds all sorts of dirty) with Glasses, Wand and Backpack, Fenrir Greyback and Severus Snape. Watch for them this November.

Player Select: Rounding out the coverage is NECA's video game action figures. Bioshock and Gears if War get their own line, but Altair of Assassin's Creed 2 will join the core line, wearing his signature white and black outfits. We showed you the Splinter Cell and Borderlands toys last time around, and nothing new to report on that front save the small detail that Sam Fisher will come with his Tri-Goggles. I guess begging does make a difference, huh?

For Gears Fans, expect new figures of Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago. Looks like a slender year for the Gears.

As a side note, we'll also be getting a new Jason Voorhees from the last, updated Friday the 13th film. He'll be packed wearing the sack head and mask randomly, but each figure will contain both heads.

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  1. Thanks for the part about NECA packing-up their stuff early, I was wondering why I missed some of the new toys coming-out from a few other companies, I didn't realize some of them rotate their display-pieces, or like you mentioned, remove them completely, without notice I guess (was my first time there this year, as a photographer).