Monday, August 30, 2010

NEW Hasbro Marvel Universe Action Figure Images

The march of the little Marvel Universe least until Late September/ Early October when new Marvel 6 inch 2 packs finally hit stores once more!!! I swear I'm so amped up for new Marvel 6 inch I keep having to stop myself from buying the Dum Dum Dugan and Invisible Woman 2 packs that are taunting me at Toys R Us, especially since I have them already. Just the act of buying 6 inch Marvel figures makes me emencely happy!!! Unfortunately, that is still some time away, so for now, drink your fill of Marvel Universe and dream of a brighter tomorrow.

On tap for Marvel Universe we have...

Thanos (a must buy for nearly all collectors, though he is sure to not be big enough)
Multiple Man (whom I haven't seen wearing this costume in YEARS but never the less.. and worse than that, they are reusing the surfer body, so named because the elongated lower torso makes it look like he's wearing a half shirt)
Wolverine (in his Weapon X strike team duds)
Constrictor (odd choice on the translucent tendrils..can we get a metal tendril variant please?)
Yellow Jacket with itty bitty Ant Man
Dark Hawkeye (with which we've provided a pic of the Secret Wars Hawkeye so you can see they did produce some new parts)
2020 Iron Man (aka Clockwork Smurf)

We've also got a look at some upcoming Super Hero Squad pieces with the Deadpool / Taskmaster, Spider-Man / Ronan and Juggernaut / Wolverine 2 packs. I personally bought my first figures in a long time at San Diego Comic Con in the exclusive set, entirely because they looked more like the cartoon style and not just some kiddified version of Marvel heroes. The faces are way more charismatic and the style captures the humor of the show. Here's hoping they shift more to this style in the future!

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