Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Star Trek Con Hits Vegas - Vegas Only Slightly Bruised

My only in person encounters with Star Trek fandom were from comic conventions in my youth that shoved horror, comic and trek geeks into the halls together. I remember the apparent dedication and how their love for the trek universe extended to their children in front of me in line, all wearing federation regulation sideburns. Having finished a two week run through LA, I got the opportunity to jump on a plane and head to Vegas where a friend would be Treking it up at the last show (it is claimed) that Leonard Nimoy will ever do. How could I say no?

First order of business...stifle the urge to make constant Star Wars references.
2. Stop myself from stopping people to ask where I might find the nuclear wessels.
3. Contain my annoyance with Creation Entertainment who are apparently denying me a press pass that would only allow me to enter a room for free where people sell stuff. REALLY??!!

And so I plunked down my cash to enter a small room where people ask for more money and made the best of it with a hot girl dressed as T'Pring (Spok's betrothed from the episode Amok Time). Sadly, the way Creation throws an event, you aren't even in the same room with 90% of the stars but our buddy Robert Picardo was among the masses (complete with floating holographic head of said Robert Picardo) as well as Lawrence Montaigne, who played Stonn, T'Pring's lover in Amok! Mika went over and showed her love for the man with a giant hug that caused a heart palpitation or two. We decided it would be best to take Mika away before she kills the talent.

Among the vendors were many a deadly Klingon edged weapon, a gifted artist who promised he can draw anyone as their favorite alien race, rows of t shirts showing how to deliver a Vulkan neck pinch and one vendor in particular called Nerdkungfu who boasted the only t shirt I've ever seen promoting Brawndo (from Idiocracy)... the thirst annihilator. It's what plants crave. Also hidden among the communicators and Vulcan ears was Retro Outlaw who you may remember from their awesome Clockwork Orange exclusive busts they had for sale at San Diego Comic Con! After snagging a Titty Twister T Shirt (From Dusk til Dawn) and his last Clockwork bust with eyes forced open, he showed me the new orange flocked Ludwig Van bust from Kozik! THAT was a fantastic surprise.

The day went quickly and Mika hopped in line for a photo op with Spok and Kirk and then another for an autograph from Spok, both times waiting for the moment far longer that the actual moment itself. For the price they charge these poor fans, you'd think they'd at least allow them a full minute to bask in the glow of their idols! We were told the night before, fans payed upwards of 600 dollars for passes that included free autographs they were made to wait 4 hours to receive before being shuttled to a dinner where there were 200 seats for 400 people, leaving fans wandering around scouting for flat surfaces on which they could place their plate and attempt to cut their meat with plastic forks and knives. You'd think the most hardcore fans would be treated the best at their conventions but sadly, this isn't the case. Why doesn't anyone else throw Trek cons??

Anyway, day turned to night and after getting her Spok moment, I convinced Mika that her costume was awesome enough to warrant a prize and she joined the line of costumed SciFi psychos waiting to hit the stage and be recognized. This costume contest makes up the bulk of our picture gallery and includes gems like Gorn Elvis, Slavey GaGa and her Ferengi Pimp and a giant Momma Tribble who was being pursued, coincidentally, by a Tribble Slayer!! It's all up on Flickr right now...so CLICK HERE, hop in and drink of the geeky glory that is STAR TREK FANDOM!!

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