Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An Ode To The Worst Spice Girls Toys In Creation

The loveliest ladies of Zigazig Ahhhh
deserved baubles and trinkets and jewels to adorn
and shiny plastic effigies both minute and immense
to celebrate INDIVIDUALITY and erase catty scorn

So one day came a wizard who would do the job right
enlisting in magics most dark and obscene
to work went his demons at a speed to give fright
they'd use 16 child body parts and one old man's shriveled spleen

But the magics were bad and the product distressing
and when placed on a shelf they would ruin your day
for the facial expressions were down right depressing
leaving even the Spice Girls with nothing to say

So away they were packed and buried with haste
in a cave then sealed off with a Walmart (of course)
til the day they escaped and found..no one would pay
even the dollar they begged with little remorse

So to you, ugly Spice Girls, I sing thee a song
tho your faces cause tears when look'd pon it
you did give me cheer on that day at the shop
and I hope no one else had to vomit.

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