Thursday, July 29, 2010


A staple of any convention whether it be Star Trek, Horror or Comic Book; you throw a salute to nerdery in any form and they will come with cardboard strapped across their gutts and a song in their heart. Some take it very seriously, creating a spectacle of sound and light they activate with a rip cord placed precariously near their buttocks. Some just have 5 dollars, access to their dad's garage and a dream of being the most brilliant transformer a roll of duct tape can create. Some costumes, like the infamous metal bikini, are so sexy they made nerds convulse as the ladies walk by. That same costume in the hands of a woman who fills it out like pop-n-fresh dough pressed up against a fence on a hot summer's day combine to create an image forever burned into your memory. You can't unsee that. From the army of Harley Quinns looking for their Mr. J to the Anime child wearing a simple set of cat ears, Japanese school uniform and a sign demanding you hug her IMMEDIATELY even thought your court documents state you must stay 100 feet from such things...we, the children of Idle Hands Salute YOU. CLICK HERE to swim through the 50 or so pics of those wonderful people in costume.

My favorite pics...

5. Mr. Glass
4. Amazonian Li Lu Dallas...she
3. Girlie Plastic Man-girl
2. The Blackest Night trio I ran into at a hotel
1. The bad ass little kid dressed as Wolverine

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