Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The San Diego Comic Con Pre Show Coverage!

OK Here's the deal. I leave for the big show tomorrow. I've got a ridiculous schedule, so I'm not sure how often we will be updating to the actual blog, but there will be tons of coverage across the sites I use and of course, Dread Central. SO! To tide you over and remind you where to send people for killer Comic Con coverage....here's Mika Tan in a tub full of action figures, beckoning you to visit us, follow us...JOIN US!! See...we take care of you. ENJOY!!

For all your San Diego Comic Con Coverage, hit the links!

DREADCENTRAL.COM for the best in horror
THE IDLE HANDS FLICKR for pictures of collectibles, booths, celebs, costumes and everything else at the show uploaded daily
MY TWITTER!! For random insane thoughts too loud to keep to myself. Thoughts like "Wow, Steve Niles looks great in his Slave Leia costume. And Nathan Fillion too! Both Angels." You won't want to miss it.
DREAD CENTRAL'S TWITTER for updated news every hour, pics live from the floor and more!

And for those attending the show.. THE SUPER MEGA ULTRA EXCLUSIVES SHOPPING LIST!


  1. I...There are no words.

    I love Mika. God bless you, Nomad.

  2. I'm going to keep a running count of those shedding tears of joy versus those horrified that all those figures are out of their plastic prisons, rubbing together. It's a veritable orgy of toys.

  3. Anyone who looks at those pics and focuses on the toys just seriously needs to eat a gun. I mean. Seriously. Gun. Yeah.

  4. ok, now you need to do a naked guy version for the girls that read this. lol.

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