Thursday, July 29, 2010

SDCC 2010: Shocker Toys Cracks the Indie Comics Code

Shocker Toys continues to be the little engine that got their product into Toys R mother fucking Us!! That's no small feat. The Indie Spotlight line made heads turn with figures like The Maxx and Scud, the Disposable Assassin because, frankly, who else would make those figures?! The pieces themselves turned out great, cementing the company as champions of those beloved (but not loved enough for toys before) comic titles. Now with a newly found burst of retailer support, Shocker moves forward with more comic heroes and villains from current titles and classic comic strips. Idle Hands shot the place up and came away with plenty of eye candy...

INDIE SPOTLIGHT continues to swell its ranks with 6 inch action figures of characters like The Phantom, Flash Gordon, The Heap, Grendel and Zoro.

MALLOWS are Shocker's new stylized figure line, boasting more articulation than most others on the market and a body that begs for customization. Licenses like One Piece and Soul Eater assure them a legion of Anime loving kids to snap up the product.


  1. But where can I BUY these guys? I still haven't found my Dick Tracy...And when do they come out?

  2. Dick Tracy is in series two which should be hitting in August. When i doubt, you can always order directly from Shocker Toys website..that same place you can also get a certain translucent green Tick...

  3. I ordered mine last week from the Shocker Site. Thanks Know-Mad.
    Also, this is Preacher.

  4. There are some shipping problems, with ST's figures being held by customs in China, but yeah, they said figures should be getting here around Fall this year.

    Also, they're making Red Sonja, I just hope it's sometime soon...