Thursday, July 8, 2010

More Tron: Legacy Viral Arrives...In The Mail!

It's KRAZ-BOT! The sensation that's sweeping the nation and taking over arcades all across the planet!! know...there are still arcades all over the place in the TRON movie universe and where there's arcades...there's KRAZ-BOT!!

Combining android technology, human dexterity and fast-paced adventure, Kraz-Bot shocked the video gaming world upon its release in 1983. Thanks to the visionaries at Encom, this title is programmed to thrill!!

What does it mean? I dunno. Where did it come from? San Diego, which tells me something we probably all assumed. There's going to be TRON viral craziness at San Diego Comic Con this year. WOOO!! The only other thing I noticed on my postcard were little pixels in the black strip. I might be reading too much into it..but...maybe...not. The viral wackiness continues. I luvs it.

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