Wednesday, July 7, 2010

DKE Hosts All Star SDCC Art Exclusives

At San Diego Comic Con, you can be sure you'll find plenty of toys of Batman, Spider-Man and the rest of your childhood comic book idols, but the added element that makes SDCC great are all the independent artists down at the end of the hall! DKE Toys (booth #4732) have been gathering the greatest talent in the vinyl art toy world for some time now and will be bringing the creme of the crop to the biggest, geekiest show on the planet. Here's the rundown...

Amanda Spayd's "Foxglove" : 9.5" tall, excluding ears. Handsewn and hand-aged fabric, stuffed with hardwood sawdust and cotton. Faces are handpainted cast resin. There are 3 different ear lining patterns among them, but they are all blue. Each is signed and numbered on the back out of 25. 4 x 5 antique-style hand-finished portraits for each, and numbered/signed in graphite. $75

Buff Monster Plush : Edition of 200 - $20 - Buff Monster will be signing Thursday July 22nd @ 3 pm & Saturday July 24th @ 1 pm.

Crazy Label Baby Treeson
: One color edition of 100 available each day. Colors include Green, Blue, White, Yellow and Orange, each with different faces. $16 each

Jamungo X Scott Wilkowski BUDcat
: Hand poured resin. Available in 2 colors editions of 50. $45 - Ferg & Scott Wilkowski will be signing Friday July 23rd & Saturday July 24 @ 3 pm.

JIB - Jibibuts in Black Noferin
: Print: 8 x 6 inches signed and numbered edition of 25. Printed on museum quality Hahnemuhle paper with archival inks. 25 handpainted JIB couples. Signed and dated. $50 for pair and print

Mr Clement Petit Astrolapin in California : Limited Edition of 40. $40

Neccessaries Toys Film Noir Fafi Black : Limited to 50. $100

Shawnimals Trees of Doom! Battle Pack : You've played the game, and have cursed the Flying Devils. Perhaps you've updated and have now played with the Anti-Ninja. Whatever the case, this Battle Pack gives you both a pocket-sized version of the Flying Devil and an Anti-Ninja, each handmade with a signed and numbered tag. 4" x 4". Edition 100 sets - $35 per pack - Shawn Smith of Shawnimals will be signing Friday July 23rd @ 12 noon.

Suckadelic Gay Empire : Limited to 50 pieces. $60 - The Sucklord will be signing Thursday July 22nd @ 11 am & Sunday July 25th @ 11 am.

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  1. Wow, neat stuff, I may just give-up buying Mattel and Hasbro's predictable stuff and start buying... anything else. No matter what it is, I'm sure I'd enjoy the items here more, har har.

    There can never be enough Ninjatown merch!