Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SDCC 2010: Hasbro Toy Pics are UP!

This year's San Diego Comic Con was surprisingly light on the new offerings to the toy gods, with many items being things we'd seen at NY International Toy Fair. Hasbro, however, had plenty of new plastics from Marvel, G.I.Joe, Transformer and Star Wars Universes....but what of the My Little Ponies??!! Even Mattel acknowledged the power of girlie toys with an entire case dedicated to Barbie this year, but alas, there were only a couple of little Ponies representing the entire pastel colored Pony race this year, even though the bro had a Pony exclusive on sale. Interesting! At any rate, we stormed the Hasbro fences, body checked our way to the front of the cases and shot like we didn't have a girl to touch in the foreseeable future...all to bring those beautiful pics of shiny plastics to you. Here's the rundown...

TRANSFORMERS with pics of new Stealth Force, Voyager class, Legends, Scouts (Insecticons!!), Deluxe, Deluxe Generations (Cybertronian Transformations!!), Animated figures (Rodimus Minor!!!), G1 Seacons, G1 Constructicons and the king of all Transformer toys for the forseeable future, Masterpiece Grimlock!!!!!

SPIDER-MAN continues to be a staple in the Hasbro lineup for Marvel, with a continued focus on little day glow parts slapped onto the same old figures with some minor additions. I expect we'll only get 4 new figures you'll actually want before next February and Toy Fair 2011. Among the new pieces at SDCC were Carnage, a new Venom with his symbiote going crazy and a 6 inch scaled Lizard due out this September. WOOO! ONE new 6 inch figure!! They spoil me.

STAR WARS (This one goes out to Adrianne Curry who fought her way through the crowds, in her metal bikini, and posed for EVERYONE that asked like a trooper. AN IMPERIAL TROOPER!!) Behold the ever increasing beauty of the new Jabba's Throne set, Troop Builder sets, the Vintage line, awesome Star Wars Transformers, new vehicles, new Galactic Heroes and the already legendary Rocket Firing Boba Fett!!

G.I. JOE marches on (wokka) with new figures that lie somewhere between the awesomely articulated Anniversary line and the insanely accessorized movie toys with new vehicles in the Vamp 4X4, Wolf Hound, Cobra Fury, H.I.S.S. Tank, a brand spankin new Zartan figure, the Rastafarian Shadow Tracker, the Jungle Viper and the one you've been waiting for...a new SNOW JOB!!! yes, Snow Job..the Aquaman of the G.I.Joe Universe. How I love him so.

MARVEL UNIVERSE figures...~sigh~...the not Marvel Legends in size, appearance, and most importantly.. fun. Aside from Thanos and the obvious Galactus, the line continues to underwhelm me with reused bodies that were inferior the first time out and a general lack of detail that makes most pieces a pass, even if I love the character. My one question would be, is that a SHIELD car in the diorama or did they just stick a Transformer in there to get us excited about the possibility of vehicles? I also noticed a Classic Warpath in Thunderbird colors variant in there, but this might be old news as I haven't been watching very closely.

MARVEL LEGENDS AKA Marvel Universe 6 Inch Fan's Favorite Wave 1...and that's a fucking mouth full. As we reported from Toy Fair 2010, new 2 packs are on the way with Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Valkyrie, Hulk, Deadpool and Warpath. At SDCC, we got to see the variants with Deadpool in the X-Men Blue and Gold, Warpath in classic Thunderbird-esque colors, Widow in a grey outfit and Winter Soldier with longer hair. Dig the packaging in the pics!

MY LITTLE PONY or as the Ponifites called it "that one little sad half a shelf at the Hasbro booth." Hasbro cares nothing for your urgency to see the newest and most rainbowrific of ponies. You must wait for further pony power.

IRON MAN seems to be winding down as Hasbro brings on the Drones for your army building pleasure. The comic line whips out some new surprises like The Mandarin and Whiplash...and a sort of Iron Tron Man figures?! Nick Fury was also on display, but Black Widow was conspicuous in her absence. Not much to speak of in the 6 inch category, but that unmasked Iron Man is sure to be a must have.

SUPER HERO SQUAD continues to make Marvel fans smile with extra cheerful versions of evil world devouring despots and genocidal robots in force. I didn't spot much new that we hadn't seen at Toy Fair but there was a Thor set that made me laugh, so I shot it up. I'm always astounded by the depth of characters included in this line and of course, saddened that I can't have them in Marvel Legends format!! Yes, I'm a one track record..but it's my favorite.

As a quick supplemental, Entertainment Earth had some Hasbro exclusives on display, so we pinned em' down for you.

You'll find plenty more in the Hasbro folders from Toy Fair 2010 (page 8 and higher) if all this doesn't quench your insatiable appetite, so dive in head first and enjoy!

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