Monday, July 12, 2010

Rocket World Bring Trek and Yetis to SDCC

Holeeee Shit. ONE FREAKING WEEK til San Diego Comic Con. Things are getting psychotic over here at the hidden skull cave/ volcano offices of Idle Hands / Dread Central, so we'll be doing our best to get you the last minute bits of info coming through and before the show lands on our heads, we'll point you in the right direction for the best spots to sit and watch the whole show go by! ANYWAY..Rocket World will be hitting SDCC with some awesome collectibles you can't live without, so here's the skinny...

STARFLEET IWG!! Captain Titus, Lt. Commander Hannibal and Commander Affonso Designer Vinyl Toys come with tricorders, phasers, communicators and even a little fluff ball tribble to love and hug and eventually become smothered by in their sleep as they wildly reproduce. Bowm chica bowm bowm. Each character is limited to 300 pieces and will sell for $50 a pop.

16 inches of stuffed Yeti love can return home with you if you score the Lana Crooks plush Yeti! Limited numbers are assured and a price tag of $80 wins you all the squishy sasquatch lovin you'll ever need.

The Rocket World Creature Hoodie returns in a grey fuzzy tone. RW says "This is our last run of the internationally recognized "Creature Hoodie". Our 2010 edition will BE AVAILABLE at this year's SDCC and the BEST version yet. Coming in heather gray Malden Mills Polartec ThermalPro fleece, wire management system (for ipods and such), removable claw-gloves, and interchangeable ears or horns." Do I even have to say how much booty a man can get when dressed as a fuzzy horned monster? I do not. Limited to 300 pieces and priced at $205.

Also at the show will be Silent auction for SDCC exclusive IWG Sun Tzu Panda! Lana Crooks has joined forces with Rocket World again to create another masterpiece in order to help our fellow critters. All proceeds will be donated to a Wildlife NGO.

Sun Tzu's retail price is $450. Bidding starts at $100 and bids can be made in increments of $50.

Silent auction starts Wed., July 21st at 6pm and ends Sat., July 24th at 7pm.
Winner will be contacted by Sun., July 25th.

-one-of-a-kind and handmade!!
-organic cotton fleece
-bamboo fiber and bamboo batting
-hand dyed sheep's wool
-wooden eyes
-100% cotton thread
-Ecospun felt (made from recycled plastic bottles)
-approx. 16" sitting upright and 20" in length
-skull is approx. 4"x 5"x 7"

Only at the Rocket World Booth #4633!!

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