Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blood on the Streets of NY in Marvel Comic's Shadowland

Spoilers warned..

Daredevil is a crime boss and SHANKS BULLSEYE??!! Holy spoilers, Batman, but if you have any geekly ear to the ground on the Marvel Comic's scene, you already knew this. It looks like all out war and the prize is New York City itself. With so many heroes calling these streets their home, there's no telling what can happen next.

It’s the battle for the soul of New York in SHADOWLAND #1, on-sale NOW! Superstars Andy Diggle & Billy Tan present the birth of the Marvel Universe’s greatest villain as the Avengers, Thunderbolts, Moon Knight and more must join forces to stop this deadly foe! Now, for the first time, experience the powerful new music video celebrating this landmark Marvel event.

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