Monday, July 19, 2010

Diamond Select's New Movie Toys

Minimates (those little block figures) continue to roll out from Diamond Select. Today, we'll take a quick look at some movie related items that work with the killer Minimates you may already own, or may want to own after you see the sweet rides on the way!

First up, we've got the classic Back to the Future DeLorian!! Your little McFly figure has been without wheels for some time, so Diamond Select went to their workshop and didn't rest until this injustice was cleared. A mainstream time machine will hit world wide in August, but Toys R Us gets this exclusive car with Marty in his classic look.

Now your little itty bitty terminators have a playmate to help hunt down those nasty bugs called humans! The Hunter Killer Tank is also a Toys R Us exclusive, packed with a little Endoskeleton that you can pop into a compartment to ride along for all your genocidal fun.

Our last two pieces are a bit of a mystery. Diamond Select knew releasing a rotocast bank of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters was a no brainer. When the public realized that at 12 inches tall, he'd look awesome menacing your tiny Minimate Ghostbusters, it became genius and quickly sold out everywhere. Now DS brings the big fluffy guy back in two glow in the dark colors. The Blue edition is rumored to be a New York Comic Con exclusive. How the red "angry" version (his look before exploding all over the boys in grey) will be released is unknown at this time.

Keep watching Idle Hands for updates!

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  1. I want the back to the future set and the stay puft guy.