Monday, July 26, 2010

SDCC 2010: Marvel Movies Thor and Captain America Eye Candy

San Diego Comic Con is quickly becoming a blurry monolith in my rear view mirror but we've got TONS of awesome geekery still on the way. You may have already seen the giant Odin throne from the upcoming Thor movie erected at the show in the Marvel booth, but few realized that the door above had a function. On Sunday, we got to see what was behind Asgardian mystery door number 1! During our interviews at the show (coming soon) it seemed as if the crew were reluctant to call him by name, but Sunday, he stood glimmering for all to see. Behold...the DESTROYER!! Pretty killer armor I didn't think would translate well to film but damn if that isn't one bad ass bad guy for the Norse God of Thunder to go head to head with.

So what else are we in for in the movie? How about Frost Giants, Loki's magic, a larger SHIELD presence and a head to head, all out, hand to hand (and medieval weapon to medieval weapon) clash between Thor and Loki in the finale! This movie looks EPIC. We'll bring you more on that soon, I promise.

As a bonus, we also snagged a pic of Captain America's movie shield and Paramount sent over some art for the films we didn't have a chance to debut since we were buried under the SDCC avalanche. Enjoy and try not to drool on the keyboard!

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