Saturday, July 10, 2010

Death to Action-Figure

Today..or round the one year anniversary of my big boot out the door from To recap, here's the short version of the story.

I was told by Adrian Faulkner, my site partner of nearly 8 years, that since he hadn't been running the site at all for the last year and a half or so, he would be stepping down that summer and handing the site over to me. I set things in motion to move the site to a local server, had a web team ready to roll and had my new partner talking to Adrian to get the site info for a smooth transfer. One day, I was locked out of certain privileges on the site...mainly the ones that would allow me to delete anything. When I asked about it, I was told we were hacked by the Russians again. We were always being hacked by Russians, apparently. Next I was told he didn't like my new partner. I said I was sorry for that, but since he was leaving the site, that wouldn't be a problem. From there, I was told he was selling the site to Fabian Lee, mysterious computer man who only communicated with me through an A-F email address and thanked me for 7 years of "volunteer work" followed by a promise that they'd see if they had a place for me when the site gets going again. I was then told I was under police investigation for hacking into the site I had been running..while I was running it, forcing them to lock me out of my own email.

Now, one year later, that email address is still active. I constantly have old contacts telling me they thought it was still a legit email since the system never advised them I was no longer with the site or even give an error that the email didn't work. Yay headaches. is still gone, having never come back up and run by anyone all this time. Fabian Lee still seems to not exist and the police have no record of any complaint against me for hacking anything.

I'd like to personally thank Adrian Faulkner for being such an astounding shit head. I hope one day you'll look in the mirror and realize the time you wasted being a horrible person for no good reason. Good luck with your writing.

To the people who said Adrian was within his rights to sell the site out from under me...I told you so.

Now I go on with my life and forget about this.

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  1. wow, I never knew the whole story; so sorry to hear what went down, dude.