Saturday, July 17, 2010

SDCC Preview: Slave Leias Prepare for Attack

Among the countless booths at San Diego Comic Con you'll find toys, artists, upcoming movies, statues, and comics of course, but there is one thing that sets a comic convention apart from all other events normal people attend all year round. COSPLAYERS!! Tall and tiny...bean pole thin and those who are...not so much..all donning costumes of their favorite comic, movie and cartoon characters. Truly, these are special, special people, but among them, there is a tribe of ladies who push the envelope, paying homage to the first lady of Scifi Fantasy as she wore the most iconic bikini ever to slink across a film screen. Her name is Leia Organa and in that costume, she is Slave Leia!

A small contingent of this ultra sexy tribe recently descended on the studios of Gentle Giant to oil up ole' Jabba and prepare him for swarms of hot ladies who will drape themselves before him for photo ops and new Facebook pics. Adrianne Curry was there, sporting her own metal bikini, and shot some video of the gathering. Enjoy!

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  1. I love all the Slave Leias, how could I not? Even if it is a bit cliche. But Curry might take the cake, if for that pose alone!