Monday, July 26, 2010

SDCC 2010: The Mystery Exclusive: Genki Wear Sulu Fragrance

Of all the show exclusives, this was by far my favorite...even if only for laughs since I'm damn near allergic to everything and this might have had me sneezing like Erkel. The mad men who decided the world needed fragrances inspired by our favorite Star Trek bad asses unleashed an exclusive at the show so powerful, your only response would be "OH MY!" Its called Sulu Pour Homme and the fragrance itself was labeled "Excelsior" after the ship he captained. Limited to only 300 pieces at San Diego Comic Con; this scent was destined to sell out fast, and we hear it did just that! Also at the booth we saw a new fragrance labeled "Shirtless Kirk" which followed with the catch phrase "Set phasers to stunning." Genius.

Hit to smell of Pon Farr today.

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