Monday, July 16, 2012

Nathan Fillion Wins Comic-Con

When you see a celebrity on the show floor of San Diego Comic Con, one of three things can happen. As was the case with Don Cheadle and me, you get blanked completely. With wrestler Shane Helms at an Activision party, we talked for half an hour before I cut him loose to have fun. Other celebs will very politely do whatever they can that only takes a second..or politely decline as, if they stop, they'll have to pose for hundreds who then realize their shot at a face to face encounter. Then there is Nathan Fillion who realizes and is grateful for his many, many fans and considered a way to give them something to talk about while still able to rush to his engagements and arrive on time and un-molested. Check out his solution on the left...

Thanks to NerdBastards on facebook for the heads up!

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