Saturday, July 7, 2012

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Sneak Peek : Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters Batman

The Avengers beat our fragile minds into submission with enough amazing to satisfy even the most discriminating forum troll...for at least a week. The Amazing Spider-Man brought us the near perfect comic superhero we've been begging for since we were children. In a short couple of weeks, The Dark Knight will return and attempt full on brain explodey. I'm positive Warner Brothers will accept nothing less. As those of us with money to burn (or shelves full of Ramen Noodles to replace the meals we are forgoing) head off to San Diego Comic-Con, we prepare for the piles of Dark Knight Rises merchandise that will surely greet us at the vendor booths and among companies with exclusives to push. Mattel is one such company, but their Dark Knight will not be cast aside like some common plush toy. OH NO! This is something special...

Batman™ The Dark Knight Rises™ Movie Masters® Figure : ($30) - When evil arises, so the Batman must return! This film-accurate version of our hero arrives in a special “lights and sounds” package featuring the Wayne Manor exterior and opens to reveal the Bat Cave stocked with protective battle armor and essential crime-fighting accessories.

This blurb does the total package no justice, and know full well it is the total package that makes this piece irresistible. Sliding the outer casing off reveals a wrap-around image of Wayne Manor with the bat symbol in the sky above, Alfred in one window and Bruce in another. Swing the packaging open and you'll find Bruce in his slimming speed suit...which is what I will call the tight black number he wears under his Bat Suit...standing in front of his piano. Pressing on the piano triggers the discordant tones that open the secret passage to the Bat Cave..or at least is does with the power of imagination ..and by pulling open the flap! When you open that part up, you trigger lights and sounds in the cave face with bats flapping, things clanging, blue lights flickering and orange lights blinking on over the spot where the Bat Suit resides. For a Batman fan, it is the stuff of legend.

Sliding the figure and outfit out of their holding places, you can start the process of suiting up much like you would dress a baby...which is to say slowly and carefully with more coaxing than shoving. The process is simple and grunt free. With the suit on, Batman is ready for standing in place action and little else, as you would imagine of a figure in a rubber suit. You didn't buy this for battle poses because you've got the regular Movie Masters Batman for that, so I'm sure there will be no shock at the revelation or tears of remorse. As you'll see in my photos, you can have hours of fun JUST with the cape and cowl as Bane holds it aloft triumphantly, Bruce Wayne contemplates his life choices and Alfred plays Bat-Butler while doing the laundry. It's magic. Also included in the set are two batarangs, his grappling gun and another gun I'm told features prominently in the new film. Since your SDCC Batman stands like Ralphie's little brother in a snow suit, these bits are best given to your fully sculpted Movie Masters Batman who can strike all the per-requisite poses needed to blow Bane's crotch to holy hell...which I hear is the finale of the movie. SPOILER!! Much thanks to Mattel for the opportunity to shoot this awesome collectible package. CLICK HERE for more images!

If you want a shot at Mattel's Dark Knight Rises Batman at San Diego Comic-Con, you'd best run to booth 3029!

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