Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dark Knight Rises Mystery Figure Revealed

Three days til The Amazing Spider-Man drops and our appetites for geek movies is only slightly looming overhead is the film we here at Idle Hands are starting to get reaaaaally excited for.... Batman: The Dark Knight Rises!!! 1 metric dork-ton of merchandise is already languishing on store shelves for the film that has yet to open, but there is still more to come and within those legions lurks an untapped mystery. Mattel let it be known that a set amount of six, 6 inch Movie Masters action figures will contain allthe parts you'll need to build a working mini Bat Signal. Among them are Batman, Bane, Alfred and Catwoman, who are all out now. GCPD Officer John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) takes the 5th spot, but the 6th was being kept a mystery...maybe...until now. If you do not want this spoiled DO NOT read on, as the character has been confirmed as being in the film, so it isn't just a Fun-with-action-figure-assortments sort of thing going on like Iron Man concept armors or comic versions of baddies that never saw screen time. Not all of us read the movie news sites like dope fiends looking for a fix so...Spoiler Warning!

 has been speculated that Joseph Gordon-Levitt's John Blake character has been given so much attention because at some point in the film, he will don a Bat suit and go to work. I am not confirming this. It could still happen, but that's not my bit of info. My goods involve another character who was casually leaked through production notes for Wrath of the Titans...namely Liam Neeson's Ra's Al Ghul. Long have collectors been begging for Liam the wolf fighter to get the 6 inch movie masters treatment and now it looks 99% certain. Why only 99%? Well, my friends, when I get info from half way across the world, it tends to be early lineups, and while I get yelled at for posting these things even though the news was made public somewhere already (which assures me the info is true), there's always a chance things could change when the wave lands at Toys R Us state side. The pic above also shows the wrong Catwoman and Bane figures for the Movie Masters line, so that would cause one to suspect shenanigans. I will mention that the last time we announced future waves of Batman figures, a good 95% of it did actually get there you go. Ra's Al Ghul is looking to be the 6th figure in the Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters action figure line. Happy happy news for toy collectors....lil bitty news for the movie folks. hehe
Still no pics yet, but here is the teaser...

We've also scored some pics of upcoming posters for the film and some soon to be released vehicles like the Gunship Hoverjet and Turbo Jetcruiser, so drink those plastics in below.

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