Friday, April 10, 2015

Justice League: Gods and Monsters Preview

Warner Bros. straight to DVD and Blu-ray animated epic Batman vs Robin is shipping out across the globe and that means it's time to preview the next animated feature film in their 2015 lineup! Justice League: Gods and Monsters; not to be confused with the comic book story line of the same name; was developed by the powerhouse trio of Alan Burnett (Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond), Bruce Timm (all things great and small in the DC animated universe including Batman, Superman, Justice League and the Justice League Unlimited animated series) and Sam Liu (Batman: Year One, All-Star Superman) as a stand alone, Elseworlds saga with a Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman you've never met before.

Superman is the biological son of Zod, still sent to Earth to save him, but was raised by a migrant couple and fosters his father's radical notions alongside an ingrained urge to survive at all costs. This makes him calculating and extremely dangerous. Batman is actually Kirk Langstrom, who, while seeking to cure himself of Cancer, makes himself into a vampire, complete with the insatiable need to feed on blood. Perhaps his guilt, or his rationalization that he is doing a greater good, is what drives him to feed on the underworld as Batman. Wonder Woman is more of a mystery, as we are told she is the bride of Orion, son of Darkseid, but clearly there is a betrayal of some sort and she is driven to live among the humans of Earth and form a tenuous alliance with Superman and Batman.

In the heart of Metropolis, the Watchtower looks over a seemingly ordinary city, with godlike protectors enforcing harsh justice when the mood strikes them. Now, someone is killing Earth's top scientists and all signs point to the Justice League as the culprits. We aren't told why these deaths are looked on more harshly than the other countless murders we are aware of in this brief glimpse, but it's not long before humanity mounts an attack on the League...who are none too concerned with dealing a stern backhand to a wayward community. This movie looks INSANE and ...honestly, all they needed to say is Bruce Timm is on board, right? The film is slated for a Summer 2015 release.

Along with this look into Gods and Monsters, my Limited Edition Gift Set Blu-ray/DVD/Ultra Violet pack comes with Features including:
  • Gotham’s City Secret: The Mythic Court of Owls – The Court of Owls is the secret society that directly connects the past of Gotham to the current city. Are they silent guardians that are the noble benefactors or are they the malevolent force that manipulates a city toward their grand design?
  • Talons of the Owl – If the Owls are the masterminds, their instruments of destruction are their assassins. Appropriately called The Talons, these warriors are designed to carry out the will of the Owls.
  • Batman Vs. Robin Audio Commentary
  • 4 Bonus cartoons from the DC Comics Vault
And a lil New52 styled Batman! This is a 3.75 inch plastic figure with no articulation on a rocky base, ready to menace the pens on your work desk whenever they step out of line and go rogue. Take a look...

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