Thursday, June 4, 2015

Aurelio Voltaire's NecroComicon This September

Horror conventions got you feeling like you pay to enter, then pay for autographs, then pay, pay pay? Comic Cons are not much different, with 300 of them popping up across the planet year round. Isn't there a place strange people can get together for drinks, watch awesome performers and musicians, dress like creepy maniacs and be assured the youngest person around to be offended by their horrible jokes is merely 16?? NOW THERE IS. Voltaire's Necrocomicon returns to Piscataway, New Jersey this September, promising to deliver the 3 day Halloween party you're not going to find around Halloween.

Aurelio Voltaire is a highly creative, amazingly talented individual known far and wide in Gothic Communities, as well as the Comic Con circuit, and is celebrated by spooky kids everywhere. His music, comics, toys and art have always been a celebration of independent creativity and the notion that every day can be Halloween, and with that spirit in mind, the NecroComicon was born!

This year's NecroComicon is shaping up to be the spooky 3 day party the East Coast has been screaming for. Show highlights include:

Independent Comic Creators and Comic Book Vendors
Free-Roaming Zombies
Monster Makeup Demos
Independent Films
Panels on Witchcraft, the Origins of Halloween and Zombies
Create a Monster Crafting
Outdoor Movie Screenings
Women in Horror Programming
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
A Masquerade Ball
A Vampire Night Club Themed Party

All of this coupled with snake dancers, magicians, sideshow performers and musicians around every corner and unique vendors behind every door..and this is only the beginning! Keep watching as the event draws closer and we fill the schedule with every eerie imagining we can think up.

Tickets are on sale now at
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  1. Hi! Thanks for posting about our event. Unfortunately though, we lost the venue hotel and canceled this incarnation. However... we've moved the event to NYC and it will be a one day festival that will take place on Sunday, Sept. 20th at the Delancy night club.
    HEre's the event page: