Monday, June 15, 2015

Herman Munster Scolds Your Inferior Collectibles

Herman Munster. King of his domain. Master of his castle. Unforgettable giant shlump of a man with a frightening array of talents, half of which explode on all those around him at any given time. He is also the most lovable dork ever to grace the TV screen, and the first thing I think of when my thoughts turn to Halloween. These days we can boast quite a few oddball TV shows ripping across your DVR weekly with ghosts and demons and werewolves on the menu, but in the 1960's, with a squeaky clean society slowly turning towards the concepts of free love, it's amazing shows like The Munsters, The Addams Family and Bewitched captured the imaginations of millions. Today, we celebrate the first family of spooky and the man at the head of that family...whose head probably belonged to someone else.

Tweeterhead  presents this 15 inch Herman Munster Maquette, sculpted to perfection, capturing the charm and sensitivity Fred Gwynne brought to this monstrously lovable character. This sculpture comes in a black and white version for purists, and this colorized version for those who love their monsters old school sickly green! Those thin black lips, visible metal bolts, scalp clamps, stitches, highwater pants and KISS boots. Tweeterhead didn't miss one detail. Here is a sculpture that captures everything we love about this classic TV character, instantly recognizable and ultimately, the coolest thing you'll ever add to your living room.

Entertainment Earth has Mr. Munster on sale now! Click HERE to order and get free shipping while you are at it. They've also got a Lily statue to accompany Herman, Diamond Select action figures and pre-orders for the August release of Funko's Munsters Pop! Vinyl figures.

Thanks to Entertainment Earth for sending Herman over!

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