Monday, June 15, 2015

Prepare Yourselves for Funko Supernatural Mystery Minis

If there was ever a show that looked insanely perfect in Funko Mystery Mini form, this is it. ...Hell, if there was ever a toy that would look perfect IN a show that occasionally self references the show in hilarious Meta moments, THIS IS IT! Funko hits one out of the park with a whole line of blind-boxed Supernatural heroes and baddies, coming to your ample shelf space and ready to distract your daily works this July! Cue up "Carry on My Wayward Son", steal some salt packets to make adorable little protection circles and most importantly, warm up your credit card...

Hunt monsters with Sam and Dean Winchester! Based on the long-running hit TV show, Supernatural, even the most sinister demons look pretty darn cute as stylized vinyl mini-figures. Each figure measures approximately 2 1/2-inches tall. Included in series 1 are Sam and Dean (2 versions), LARPing Charlie, Castiel, Bobby, Kevin, Lilith, Hell Hound, Scarecrow, Abadon (2 versions), Crowley, Leviathan, Gabriel, and Thin Man.

You can pre-order these insane Supernatural Mystery Minis from Funko by the 4 pack (random pulls, naturally), or snag a whole box at once!

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