Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Walking Dead: Mid-Season Premiere Trailer **Spoiler Warnings**

When we last saw our merry band of miserable zombie apocalypse survivors, they were about to wade through a sea of the undead with only their fabulous coats of many bloody colors to mask their delicious, meaty human aroma. Of course, a somewhat unhinged, yelling child might throw a wrench in those plans. WHOOOO WILL BE EATEN??!! Tune in February 12th and find out! Until then, AMC provides a little trailer tease of what's to come while reminding us of what's in play, and what's at stake.

It sure does look like Rick and Carl are reacting to someone getting chewed up!! My money is on the kid who won't keep his mouth shut and the mother who may not let him go. February 12th, we'll find out!
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