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Toy Fair 2016: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Civil War & More

We are closing in on CHRISTMASSSSS!!! (with Santa!! I know him!!) And that means a new year and that's in January and that means TOY FAIR TIME!!! For plastic freaks, it is truly the most wonderful time of the year. Idle Hands will be running across the planet to bring you the latest toys you'll find on shelves in 2016, so sit tight and enjoy! First up, we've got an ocean of LEGO news just dropping. Let's get started with the Marvel Super Heroes sets coming very soon, which include Captain America: Civil War to say SPOILER WARNING!! DO NOT CONTINUE IF YOU'D LIKE TO KEEP EVERYTHING FROM CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR A SECRET!!

Let's take a look at non-movie sets first. We've got some super adorbs mini sets which feature some hysterical facial expressions on those minifigures we love. The line is called Mighty Micros and the lineup includes:

Spider-Man Vs Green Goblin
Hulk Vs Ultron
Captain America Vs Red Skull

Next we've got a comic inspired set called "Avenget Space Mission" pitting Thanos and Hyperion against Captain Marvel, Space Captain America and Space Iron Man. Really though. With the Civil War sets coming out as well, did we really need more sets with Cap and Iron Man??!! I was kinda counting on a new X-Men set with a massive Apocalypse to battle. Blarg. Disappoint.

This next set is tricky. It MIGHT be from Civil War...or just from the comics. If it's from Civil War, it's got a HUGE spoiler as IRON SKULL is on board that sub!! The "Iron Skull Sub Attack" also includes a Hydra Agent (seen here wielding Cap's shield..which further makes me think it is a movie scene as it's is too damn specific to be otherwise) and underwater versions of Iron Man and Captain America..because we need Cap and Tony in all their Barbie outfits. This further makes me think it's a Civil War set as... well how perfect will it be to see Iron Man save Captain America after all their battles??!! Iron Skull also makes sense in movie continuity as HYDRA had access to all of SHIELD's special projects...and they were already building a robot army, no doubt utilizing STARK designs...very interesting as a movie finale? The return of the Red Skull would surely be a show stopper. I will note that the costume for this set and the definite Civil War set are slightly different (lighter straps..bigger star..fatter red stripes), so this could very well be another comic based set.

These last sets are absolutely, 100% from Civil War. We've got...

"Black Panther Pursuit" including Black Panther, Winter Soldier and Captain America. Early thoughts on the Civil War trailer involved the giant United Nations explosion being blamed on Winter Soldier. In this blast, a certain Wakandan King may have been killed, sending the Black Panther after Winter Soldier, with Cap bringing up the rear to bail him out. This little pursuit scene seems to back all that up!

"Crossbones' Hazard Heist" sees Crossbones driving a jeep (which we'll assume contains some toxic chemicals..or viral contagion..or mutagen so we can finally mash up the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Marvel worlds) with Falcon and Black Widow on the attack (complete with Falcon's new Redwing Drone). My guess is this happens later in the movie once we've established that getting the heroes fighting each other was another clever distraction from HYDRA (honestly getting tired of these's not like there aren't any other fanatical baddie organizations in the Marvel Universe.) This leads us to the movie's BIG, jaw dropping moment where the heroes go ham on each other...probably for a whole 15 minutes...maybe 10? Just my estimate. BEHOLD!!!

It's the "Super Hero Airport Battle"!!! Included is a super-sized Ant-Man (and a teeny tiny one, revealing we'll see multi-sized action from our new favorite hero), War Machine, Scarlet Witch, Winter Soldier, Captain America and Agent 13 (the lovely nurse/SHIELD Agent from down Captain America's hall in Winter Soldier.)

The sides were already revealed in some early art that was all but confirmed by cast members, so no mystery there. If you missed it, Team Cap includes Agent 13, Winter Soldier, Falcon, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and Ant-Man facing off against Team Iron Man with War Machine, Black Widow, Vision and Black Panther.

Check out War Machine's cannon!! The red glow kind of reminds me of a certain gun Agent Coulson used to knock Loki on his butt! Eagle-eyed fans will also note a Redwing Drone flying in just about every shot that includes Falcon, which is an awesome (and practical) way to update the classic Black Falcon and his falcon buddy relationship. You didn't expect them to introduce a real bird buddy for Sam, did you?? We'll also note a certain Dr. Banner was seen on set with the crew, though we doubt he's going to play a big part in the hero on hero battles. We've already seen Hulk go toe to toe with Iron Man after all! Thor is in Asgard attending to the events of his next movie. Also missing is Spider-Man..but hell...they have to save some surprises for later.

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