Friday, March 18, 2016

Dark Horse's Game of Thrones: The White Walker

IT'S TIME!! As a new season of Game of Thrones approaches, we unveil a project we've been working on for some months now. Taking the Game of Thrones line of figures produced by Dark Horse, we've gone out into the wild (inside the wild.. around it.. underneath it) to find the ideal backdrop for our favorite characters from George R. R. Martin's blood soaked pages. We begin this series with the enigmatic, monstrous White Walkers. Winter is coming.

They are spoken of in hushed tones...the stuff of dark fairy tales used to send a child directly to bed. It is said they once walked the earth in great numbers, coming down from the north where Winter is eternal. Riding atop undead horses and flanked by spiders as large as Dire Wolves, the White Walkers extinguished the lives of anyone unfortunate enough to lay in their path. It took the combined might of Westeros to drive the nightmare army back to their icy lands; a wall erected to prevent further incursions...and remind the populace of how close they came to complete annihilation.

Thousands of years later, word of a chilling evil returning has reached the wall. Westeros has grown weak, worn down by years of conflict and recent squabbling over land and power. To be certain, Winter is coming, and with it comes an army of seemingly unstoppable monsters with the power to raise those they kill, adding them to their number. Flame bows and flees in their presence. Swords shatter upon their skeletal form. Only the united peoples of Westeros can hope to end this nightmare...but it may already be too late.

Click HERE to grab a White Walker figure for your collection!  Thanks to Dark Horse for access and continued support.

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