Thursday, March 17, 2016

Full Trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse Arrives

First and foremost, i'm going to give you the best advice about this new X-Men movie I possibly can. TURN YOUR BRAIN OFF. If you are a die hard comic fan, with special loves for the mutant menace that used to run rampant across the Marvel Comics universe before Disney decided Inhumans were a better sell ...YOU should especially dull your senses before viewing this movie. Perhaps eat something you are partially allergic to, causing your eyes to swell a bit but still allowing enough picture to come through so you can follow the action of these indistinguishable super powered folks who resemble your favorite heroes. This, my friends, is a FOX Marvel film. No names have been changed to protect the innocent. All we can be sure of is there will be similarities to award winning comic book stores from our youth...and a whole lot of black leather.

The opening of the trailer instantly goes for the heart strings with a light touch, not unlike a semi truck barreling through a red signal. The words are from X-Men: United but the faces are the newer models. The music is designed to illicit chills but seems ill placed here, paired with thunderous action movie elements and sound cues. There's a lot going on here and in my heart, there's 40% hope i'll see something I will love, but FOX has this way of showing disdain for the source material that gets under my skin. They'll give us a hero we always wanted to see on the screen, but OH LOOK that hero can fly now..or has powers that make them unrecognizable to comic fans. Why? Because they know better and feel it's what a non comic buying, movie going public will want. The Disney Marvel Cinematic Universe has proven that team movies can work, and those heroes can wear costumes that resemble their comic counterparts while still reading as realistic interpretations. X-Men: First Class seemed to get that notion. In Apocalypse, we are back to black leathers across the board. It makes me wonder if FOX has tried to learn anything at all.

They'll tell me "it's just a trailer...wait for the movie." They'll say "this is just geek guys hate on everything." Honest to God, I just want to see MY X-Men on the big screen before I die. Is it too much to ask for that the film makers actually care about the comics like we do?

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