Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn Presents IN THE MOOD FOR GORE

14 years ago, Subway Cinema unleashed the first "In the Mood for Gore" on unsuspecting New Yorkers in a now-legendary, mind-shattering series of screenings. Now...it’s baaaack! Prepare yourself for a roller coaster ride of high caliber thrills, grue-covered chills, and epic body fluid spills as we show you why nobody is as insane in the membrane as Hong Kong filmmakers in their prime. Sometimes you’re in the mood to get funky, sometimes you’re in the mood for love, but this October get in the mood for gore with some of Hong Kong’s most infamous sense shockers and hard rockers.

At the Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn from Oct. 28 - 30, drink in an all-35mm Hong Kong horror series including:

A Day Without Policeman
Eternal Evil of Asia
Human Lanterns
Love to Kill
Seeding of a Ghost

Our amazing friend (and incredible author) Grady Hendrix comments "The very first repertory programming the Alamo is doing in their massive new NYC theater is going to be some brain-churning Hong Kong horror. I mean, the first 35mm print to ever run through their projector for an audience will be SEEDING OF A GHOST. Which is all kinds of crazy." Who could ask for more? Happy Halloween!!

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