Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The New Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 Poster Is Pure Punk Rock *UPDATED!* Teaser trailer Added!!!

Director James Gunn loves the art of the tease and one might say he excels at this. Dropping hints in flash Facebook interviews, posting shadowy pictures, suggesting future casting with question marks thrown's all a part of his arsenal as he drives his social media in a way few other directors can claim. Today, Gunn revealed the first poster from Marvel Studios' GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY  VOL. 2...and it's just as raw, dirty and punk rock as we hoped it might be....

So..yea..there's some bad photoshopping in there...

Any clues given by the stuff Star-Lord is wearing around his neck? They seem like new accessories they went to great lengths to show off...

There's also plenty of attitude...and a new mohawk!

And we love the little details.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 is in theaters May 2017!


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