Friday, October 14, 2016

NYCC 2016: Bigshot Toyworks Fulfills Their Destiny

Those well versed in the Kung Fu forms of Idle Hands know Bigshot Toyworks well, and know their work is consistently a FLAWLESS VICTORY!! Their booth at New York Comic Con is always a mix of past work they are extremely proud of, current work to show off to the masses that serves as a way for people to exclaim "HEY..YOU DID THAT!!" and then shine their love light on Klim and his crew...and brand new work that often causes art toy die hards to make a hrrrnnnggg sound and immediately ask "How much?!". This year, Bigshot EMBRACED THEIR DESTINY!!!

Bungie has teamed up with Bigshot Toyworks to develop and produce a highly detailed series of stylized, 4 inch Destiny figures that will be released in multiple waves starting 2017.  That's about all the info we've got on this line, as this is the teaaaase. Look for painted pics very soon!

Those looking for news and images, please only take half of what is here and link back for the rest. Thanks!

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