Tuesday, May 29, 2018

It's Official: Jamie Foxx is SPAWN

It seems like we've been waiting a lifetime to hear about Todd McFarlane's further adventures for his SPAWN comic book character on the big screen...or a reboot..or a reimagining...ANYTHING!! Horror heavyweights Blumhouse saw the potential there and backed efforts to get the ultimate anti-hero back onto the big screen and after that...well...we waited some more. UNTIL TODAY!! McFarlane has quite gleefully announced Jamie Foxx will take on the role of Al Simmons (aka Spawn) along with the squirmy cape, the strangle-hungry chains, the one club foot....the whole damn thing....

Working with Blumhouse and an expected, modest budget of 10 to 12 million, Spawn will set itself apart from the ever growing ranks of cinema super heroes by taking a much darker tack. McFarlane shared his news on Deadline, remarking "The scariest movies, from Jaws to John Carpenter’s The Thing, or The Grudge and The Ring, the boogeyman doesn’t talk."
"This is not a man in a rubber suit, it’s not a hero that’s going to come and save the damsel. At the end of the movie, I’m hoping that the audience will say either, is this a ghost that turns into a man, or is it a man that turns into a ghost?"
"I’m not going to explain how Spawn does what he does; he is just going to do it. We’ll eventually do some of the background if we make a trilogy, but that’s not this first movie. The first movie is just saying, do you believe? And if you believe than that’s good because I’m hoping to take you for a long ride with this franchise."

So if this newest movie incarnation of Spawn will barely say a word, why book an actor like Foxx? McFarlane had a meeting with Foxx many years back where they shared ideas on the character. McFarlane went on to write the current script with the actor in mind in the key role. Foxx had told McFarlane "No one would work harder if given the role" and McFarlane must have taken that to heart. When it came time to cast the role, McFarlane insisted Foxx be considered first before any others.

Jason Blum of Blumhouse released a statement on the deal:
“We are thrilled Jamie Foxx will be playing the title role in our movie adaptation of Spawn. He is an incredible actor and a huge fan of the Spawn Universe that Todd McFarlane created. With the depth of talent Jamie can commit to the role and Todd at the helm bringing the world of Spawn to life, we could not be more excited for this film.”

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