Sunday, May 27, 2018

Take Home Lucas the Spider!

He won your hearts in those quick lil videos burning up the internet. With four big doe eyes, the fuzziest little body and a voice that will turn your feels to mush in an instant, Lucas the Spider has had "MERCHANDISE ME!!" flashing above his head from day one. And may start throwing your money at the screen.  

Lucas the Spider is the adorable creation of animator Joshua Slice. We join him for brief, blissful moments of entertainment, musings about the world or otherwise completely innocent hilarity as you'd expect from an adorable little boy...except he's a spider. But still adorable.

...and now you can squeeze him.

Get your Lucas the Spider Talking Plushie!! Pre-orders run from now until June 23rd, with an early October delivery date.

From the Creators:

We are excited to be able to work with a production company that has a long history and exceptional reputation for producing high quality plushies and stuffed animals. We wanted to create plushie that would do Lucas justice and are extremely confident in the quality of this collector’s item.
Being a collectors item means that this will only be available one-time only. This is why we are running the campaign over an extended period of 30 days. So if you need to save some money or can’t pay right away, you’ve got until the end of June to make your purchase :)
Cool feature: Lucas talks when you squeeze him!
Lucas the Spider Talking Plush
Lucas the Spider Talking PlushLucas the Spider Talking Plush
Lucas the Spider Talking Plush
Size: 7x7” (17.78 cm)
Material: 100% Polyester
Color: Mixed Brown
Proceeds from Lucas the Spider continue to benefit charity, help create more animations and help put Lucas (the 6-year old human) through college one day. Thank you to our fans for going on this journey with us. Who knew so many people could come together over the unexpected love of a spider!

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