Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Toy Fair Everywhere July 2020: Virus Smasher

Toy Fair Everywhere 2020 Wild Hair Creations Virus Smasher

Quarantine got your down? Social distancing has you yearning for an accidental bump into another living, breathing human being? Do folks wearing face masks on their chin fill you with the rage of 1,000 Rocky Balboas?? Wild Hair Creations has the product for you! Leave it to a toy company to put a face on a global pandemic so you may pummel it to your heart's content. Madball and monster toy fans, take notice!

Take action against the Covid-19 Virus and show it who’s boss...be a Virus Smasher! This amusingly hideous viral villain provides an outlet to relieve stress during these unique times. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Virus Smasher will be donated to international charities that specialize in virus eradication. Join forces now! Take out your anger and frustration by pummeling this surrogate virus into submission, knowing your purchase is also supporting a global triumph over Covid-19. Humanity, unite!

Toy Fair Everywhere 2020 Wild Hair Creations Virus SmasherToy Fair Everywhere 2020 Wild Hair Creations Virus Smasher

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