Thursday, March 25, 2021

NECA Announces Gargoyles Action Figure Line

NECA Gargoyles Action Figures
Some companies choose to plan the announcements of major toy releases for months, carefully crafting their message and approach along with a marketing team and social media. Some companies rent out a major space along the water in New York City to celebrate their upcoming toys and stuff the press to overflowing with rich foods and drinks with a kick. ...And then some companies hop online at midnight and say..."Hey buds..we've been working on Gargoyles action figures. Here's the first image. You may commence drooling now."

That company is NECA. Smooth mofos!

Nothing else to report at the moment other than this line is going to be FRIKKEN AMAZING, as evidenced by every other damn thing NECA puts their hands on. 

NECA Gargoyles Action Figures

Based on a cult classic Disney cartoon that was very un-disney like, Gargoyles told the story of a tribe of creatures who sleep as stone by day and come alive at night. These creatures were locked away for many years before being allowed to taste the night air once more, awakening in our modern times. Now they must find their way in a new world while keeping each other safe from the scheming plots of human kind. 

Straight from NECA this afternoon:

The response to Gargoyles and Goliath is nothing short of phenominal. Thank you! I want to confirm the following:

This is a full line - we have 5 more figures completed and more in development. If you aren't familiar with the show, do yourself a favor and watch on Disney+.


All the toy images you can handle!

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