Thursday, February 2, 2023

MEGO Gets Spooky with Alice Cooper & Creepshow

MEGO Creepshow Action Figure

MEGO action figure releases show no signs of slowing down, and lucky for us, that includes a whole lot of horror deep cuts! In a collectibles world that regularly celebrates the life work of Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Michael Myers, it's damn refreshing to see Hammer Horror fiends and classic movie monster weirdoes hanging on the pegs in Walmart...and we have MEGO to thank for that. Now our friends welcome you to a new nightmare with Alice Cooper and demand a father's day cake for a crusty gentleman from Creepshow!

Creepshow - Nathan Grantham 

“You're all a bunch of dirty vultures …”. Horror fans will most definitely want to get their hands on the all-new 8” Mego action figure of Nate from the 1982 anthology film Creepshow, in the cult classic segment - "Father's Day".  “Where's my cake? I want my cake!” Talk about an ultra-creepy accessory! Bedelia’s head has been masterfully recreated, adorned with birthday candles atop a serving platter! Looking like he just crawled out of his grave - Nate comes with a textured paint job to recreate his iconic on-screen look. “It's Father's Day, and I got my Creepshow Nate Mego action figure - Happy Father's Day!".


MEGO Creepshow Action FigureMEGO Creepshow Action Figure

Alice Cooper 

Welcome to my nightmare … the "Godfather of Shock Rock", Alice Cooper, is making his long awaited Megoverse debut!  With a career spanning over 50 years, Alice Cooper has drawn upon the horror film genre and vaudeville to create a macabre, theatrical brand of Rock ‘n Roll designed to shock his audiences. Alice Cooper comes dressed in his iconic “Welcome 2 My Nightmare” look with a “blood’ stained shirt and adorned with a top hat! Mego and Rock fans alike are going to want to add the all-new Mego Alice Cooper 8” action figures to their collections! “I think you're gonna like it!”

MEGO Alice Cooper Action FigureMEGO Alice Cooper Action Figure

MEGO Alice Cooper Action Figure

MEGO Alice Cooper Action Figure

MEGO Alice Cooper Action Figure

MEGO Alice Cooper Action FigureMEGO Alice Cooper Action Figure

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