Saturday, February 11, 2023


Resident seems like a no-brainer. The stalwart surviving members of Racoon City PD, lead by their most elite in the S.T.A.R.S. Unit, battle their way through a ravaged cityscape and quickly find that the undead hordes are not their biggest problem. An army of monstrous creations including lickers, brain suckers, chimera, hunters, the hulking Nemesis and an unholy terror simply called "William" awaited players around every narrow corner while very human adversaries schemed to flee the scene with any ill-gotten gains to continue their nightmarish work in another random city. You'd think there's enough here to cobble together 3 to 5 excellent horror/scifi films. YOU'D THINK!! Despite the depressing nature of the live-action Resident Evil movie series and a lackluster, half-hearted TV show, we can still hold out hope that some renegade team can pull out a win with blood-soaked animation. ...Cross your fingers, folks.

D.S.O. agent Leon S. Kennedy is on a mission to rescue Dr. Antonio Taylor from kidnappers, when a mysterious woman thwarts his pursuit. Meanwhile, B.S.A.A. agent Chris Redfield is investigating a zombie outbreak in San Francisco, where the cause of the infection cannot be identified. The only thing the victims have in common is that they all visited Alcatraz Island recently. Following that clue, Chris and his team head to the island, where a new horror awaits them.

The saga continues with #ResidentEvil: Death Island, a new CG animated movie coming Summer 2023!

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