Sunday, August 27, 2023


Night at the Gates of Hell Video Game
From publisher Torture Star Video (Night at the Gates of Hell, Rewind or Die) and developer Black Eyed Priest (Bloodwash, Tonight it Follows) comes the console release of one of the strangest and original zombie games you’ll find out there.

The dead will rise for revenge in NIGHT AT THE GATES OF HELL!

From the sick minds behind Bloodwash comes this latest experiment in brain ripping terror. Inspired by the Italian VHS zombie flicks from Lucio Fulci and Bruno Mattei, Night of the Gates of Hell promises to be a blood dripping, neon soaked, flesh rotting experience.


  • 85 unique zombie models - you won't encounter the same zombie twice!
  • First person, survival horror gameplay
  • The gore you've come to expect
  • Ps1 style low poly graphics.
  • 70's inspired disco soundtrack
  • Fully voice acted.

An Action/Adventure survival horror game ripped straight from the Italian zombie horror films it was inspired by. Throughout chapters, players navigate levels in search of clues, weapons and items to solve puzzles and help them escape or destroy the zombies between them and safety. Enemies range from crazed cultists to flesh hungry zombies and must all be taken down with extreme precision, because only headshots kill these maggot-filled monsters. Can you survive the zombie apocalypse, or will you end up being just another walking corpse?

Night at the Gates of Hell is coming soon to Playstation 4/5 and Nintendo Switch!

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