Friday, August 4, 2023

Frank and Drake Redefines “Urban Legend” with Otherworldly Roommates

Frank and Drake Video Game
Not all tall tales stand the test of time, but something’s…different here. An urbanized version of Frankenstein’s monster and Dracula live together in Frank and Drake, the rotoscoped branching narrative adventure developed by Appnormals — the award-winning creators of STAY — and published by Chorus Worldwide (Coffee Talk series, early 2023 indie darling A Space for the Unbound) — but they have no idea.

Unaware of their own true identities, Frank and Drake go about their supernatural lives marred by human attachments. Guide Frank, the daywalking superintendent of an Oriole City apartment complex, through a battle between his lost memories and his duties to attend to his tenants. At night, help the mysteriously sun-allergic Drake deal with intrusive visions that haunt his nightlife as a bartender. 

The two roommates must asynchronously solve puzzles on opposing schedules, complete mini-games, and communicate solely through sticky notes to uncover a cryptic conspiracy entangling both their fates. This adventure offers a 2-3 hour playthrough with branching paths and multiple endings for a 6-8 hour complete experience.

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