Saturday, November 14, 2009

Toy Victory: The 11-9 Week Haul

It was a damn good week in toyville as I finally zero'd in on some Marvel Legends (WOOO!) instead of the usual unending pegs of Marvel Universe shorties, got the LAST piece I needed to form Atom Smashertron and added some killer pieces to my (proposed) Endor set up. Prepare for geekgasm.

Believe it or not, my Atom Smasher from the DC Universe Classics line has been missing his mighty torso, leaving me with a bag of limbs for far too long. As you can see, he's a bit underwhelming as far as Build a Figures go, especially compared to the legendary Giant Man. Hellooo little boy. You can be a super hero one day too. Now, which figure was holding me up from Voltronning this bad boy together? Drum roll please...'s Ice Capades Aquaman. Dude... seriously. Like I don't have to defend your powers enough. Now you leave the house in this outfit. You're dead to me now. The funniest thought in all of this is that my local scalpers mounted a concentrated effort to buy up all of THIS FIGURE until today. Choke on em bitches.

Next up, the sky opens and the heavenly hosts deemed us mortals worthy of having the near mythical Marvel Legends Nemesis wave. I was averaging 1 figure every 2 months until my buddy Chris gave a shout about a shipment that must have hit a remote Walmart location. Like the super dork that I am, I jumped into my car and sped down for the scoop up. Luckily, I made off with one of everyone I needed!! Behold the low detail and odd proportions...

YAY mediocrity. And thennnn, we went off to the city and at Times Square Toys R Us, we found 2 of the three refresh packs. Surprisingly, the Storm family two pack looked pretty damn good. Check it...

Now if they gave Tigra Sue's articulation, we'd have a perfect world, wouldn't we? As it stands, Tigra may as well be an ugly Barbie. Sue is no looker either. Another realization was Hasbro's insistence in sparking a revival for the film E.T. through a slight extension in the necks of some of the male figures. Subliminal...

Meanwhile, the Star Wars gods finally smiled on me with one impulse buy and three must haves. The impulse was Cad Bane, the newest bounty hunter bad ass in the world of Clone Wars. I've done a very good job of avoiding the purchase of 30 skinny clone troopers and a crew of Jedi in space suits, so one new baddie wasn't going to kill me. JUSTIFIED!!

and then..there were Ewoks. Don't judge me.

Of course every Ewok needs a bad ass ride, so I had to score the new ATST. ooooo man. New articulation, new paints, new size (making it a 2 seater for date night), swappable guns, all sorts of ports that's just awesome. Finally a vehicle that justifies Hasbro's nasty price increases! I couldn't say the same for the 30 dollar Dewback and Sandtrooper pack. Yes, the new sculpt and size is beautiful, but not 30 dollars beautiful.

Soooo that's it. I won't count the Personal Soundtrack T Shirt as a's really worth 50 toys. It's like we live in the future. I can walk down the street with St. Elmo's Fire blaring from within my jacket. What a wonderful time to be alive.

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